Super Audio Brains

Super Audio Brains


Here you can listen to what Super Audio Brains and Matt Taylor has done in the past, both music and sound effects. Have a good listen to the showreels and if you like there are some extra's to sooth your ears.



Sound Design


 I just love getting creative with sounds! Whether it be sound effects recording, 

synthesised sound design or field recording, its where I love to flex my creative muscles.

Vehicles, weapons, ambience/environments, jets, ogres, animals, machines, weather, anything you can think of I will bring its sound to life. 

I can offer:

  • Single sounds priced per sound

  • Royalty free sound effects or licensed sound effects

  • You can hire me for the full games sound design and sound effects on a royalty free or licensed basis.​ 

Just tell us what sound you need and I'll get it to you as soon as possible!

Audio Programming


 There is nothing more satisfying than being in control of exactly how sounds or music react to the game environment. 

Getting technical and programming is in my blood. You may have the best assets you could possibly imagine but poor implementation in game can wreck the players experience. 

I currently offer:

  • Implementation in Unreal software 

  • Implementation in Unity software

  • Implementation using Wwise

So if you are looking for expert implementation or just a little help get in touch as I'm sure I can help.



 Music is to games what colour is to art. If it were all black and white they simply would not be as fun!

I aim to offer the most suitable music for your game, in order to create the exact mood you are going for. 

I can compose in any genre, with very high quality production, for in game play, cinematics, trailers and menus, and anywhere you feel music is required. 

I offer royalty free music and licensed music from an experienced video game composer. You can buy existing pieces from me or commission whole new pieces, you can have me tweak existing pieces to better fit your game,  you can even have me work in collaboration with others as composer with a mix engineer or visa versa. Whatever suites you. I can be flexible to your needs.