Super Audio Brains

Super Audio Brains


I provide audio system commissioning and audio DSP programming services to AV installers, integrators, and service companies around the UK and Europe.

With over 14 years experience in on-site configuration, off-site tech support and design, I have come across systems of all types and have had the pleasure of working on 100’s of projects, from boardrooms to lecture theatres, presentation halls to council chambers, factory floors to courtrooms, restaurants to play suites and school halls to museums.

Audio and sound is very much a passion of mine and i am dedicated to ensuring the end client is getting value for money on their investment by providing optimized audio.  

Audio DSPs are devices that require configuration and setup in order to function optimally in any given audio-visual system. The specific skill set required is more of an AV system designer or audio engineer rather than that of a control system programmer or AV engineer, and often requires very specialized audio knowledge and extensive experience to ensure the audio quality is as good as it should be.  It is critical that the person responsible for configuring the audio DSP has practical experience in audio as well as the knowledge of how to work with the brand of equipment that is specified in a project.

Test bed DSP for R&D purposes which can be used for proof of concept and mock up are available. 

I can provide advanced audio configuration services for products from the following manufacturers (and more) representing the vast majority of systems available in the market.


Services ProvideD

 I can provide configuration of advanced processes, which can be troublesome getting to work. Some of which are: 


  • VoIP integration with all major vendors

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation for video or audio conferencing

  • Speaker processing

  • Optimal signal vs noise and intelligibility

  • Control system communication

  • Large matrices and complex routing systems

  • Optimised Auto-mixing

  • Optimised system gain structure

  • Integration with a medium and large scale mixing console for end user control

  • Dante, AVB, AES67 digital audio configuration

  • Distributed network systems

  • DECT and RF microphone configuration and frequency allocation

  • System monitoring

  • Delegate Conference System Commissioning

  • POTS/PSTN line interfacing

  • ​Beamsteering, Beamforming and Beamtracking microphone array configuration

  • Beamsteering/programmable loudspeaker setup and commissioning​