Super Audio Brains

Super Audio Brains

About Us

Super Audio Brains Ltd is a provider of audio services to the Video Games, Music and AV industries. We work on projects of varying sizes both nationally and internationally providing professional audio and music services to our clients.

Super Audio Brains Ltd was launched in 2014 by sound engineer Matt Taylor. Spending 7 years working in the professional audio and AV installation industry designing, tech supporting and programming professional audio systems and working on various music projects from 2002 onward, a need arose to couple these activities alongside a longstanding passion for game audio. Super Audio Brains Ltd was created to fulfill this need.

We provide:

  • Music, Sound Design, Sound Effects and Programming to Video Games Developers

  • Production, Engineering, Tracking, Mixing and Mastering to the Music Industry

  • On-Site and Remote Programming and Commissioning services to the AV and Pro Audio Industry 

Super Audio Brains Ltd came into being because of a desire to provide a more professional service to all individuals and companies large and small whatever their project and needs may be.

We believe great audio, music and voice is essential to delivering the intended audience or user experience. Audio is as much an art as a science and music is as much a science as an art. We apply this motto in all our work across all fields and in all activities as it is the thread that runs through our company and we believe it is essential to understand this to be able to deliver the best service for any project.